Flowby is a new tech company that offers a digital queuing service where customers queue on their mobile phones, instead of physically. You can then move freely and carry out other matters while in the queue and will be notified when it is your turn. As a service facility, you can start using Flowby in 5 minutes.

Flowby was contacted by angry queuers who wanted them to address the situation. The founders, Anna and Susanne, had already tried to get hold of the police to alert them to their solution, but in vain. They then went out to Arlanda on an early Tuesday morning in June and talked to the people in the queue there.

It turned out that everyone on site would prefer a mobile queuing system to a physical one.

- "We experienced a great deal of frustration among the queuers we spoke to out at Arlanda. It is natural - no one wants to stand in a queue and just wait. We have a solution to this problem and we hope that the Police and other service institutions in society realize that it's completely unnecessary to expose your visitors to physical queues. It's sad when we've developed a solution to a problem that consumers are clamoring for, but that decision-makers ignore," says Anna Leijon, CPO at Flowby.

Flowby is already used successfully today at, for example, Mediamarkt, HiFi Klubben, Dormy, Decathlon and many other places where there are also frequent queues, especially during certain times.

- "Despite both societal and technological development having made enormous progress in recent decades, the way we queue has stood still. We don't think we should have to physically queue in 2022 and decided to do something about it. There are also other benefits for stores and service facilities that introduce our system because customers look at other goods and buy more instead of standing still in a queue. Everyone wins from that!", says Susanne Tedsjö, CEO at Flowby.

Flowby's hypothesis is that no modern person will want to physically queue in 2022. Therefore, they decided to do something about it and started building their current solution about a year ago. They are already available at eight different stores and service facilities.

Now it is up to the Police, other shops and service establishments to heed the consumers' wish to no longer have to queue physically. To be continued.

The police's own official announcement at their website.