The picture shows something we all recognize - a traditional physical queuing system where you have to stand in STANDBY and wait for your turn. With Flowby, this is a thing of the past. Flowby digitizes queues and service so the customer is in a wonderful FLOW throughout their shopping experience.

Research shows that queuing creates negative feelings in people, such as stress and irritation, and many people leave stores with long or unstructured queues. A lot of unnecessary time is spent standing and waiting or walking around looking for a free assistant on the shop floor.

It is becoming increasingly important for stores to create a good customer flow, have efficient staff and create opportunities for additional sales. With Flowby's digital queuing system, the customer can move freely in the store, carry out other errands or fill their basket while waiting for their turn and at all times have full control of their queue place on their mobile phone.

This is how Flowby's digital queue works:

1. The customer scans a QR code with their mobile camera and is placed in a queue.

2. During the time in the queue, the customer carries out other errands.

3. When it is the customer's turn, a notification is sent and the customer goes to the checkout or service point to get help.

The store easily administers the queue via a browser and has full control over how many people are queuing for the various departments and how long they have been waiting.

Flowby is a web-based interface that can be run on existing hardware such as computers, displays and mobile devices. We believe that it is unnecessary both from an investment and environmental perspective to add additional units or to manage paper queue tickets.

Flowby has had paying customers since the summer of 2021 and today works with some of the largest retail chains in Sweden. Unlike its competitors, Flowby is completely transparent with its pricing and has no set-up cost or commitment period. Flowby's customers are customers because they are offered the best solution.

Flowby is a fast-moving tech company with the goal of becoming a world leader in digital queuing and service.

Do you think the dragons in Draknästet want to invest in Flowby? Come in and watch SVT on October 5th and you'll see!

THANKS to the dragons Shervin Razani, Jonas Tellander, Sara Wimmercranz, and Lena Apler. And thanks to Josef Fallesen who tipped us off.

/Anna Leijon, Susanne Tedsjö and Joakim Lustig

*Spoiler alert: Anna was heavily pregnant and gave birth to her first child a day after the recording.*