Increase your sales with digital queues

Let your customers queue using their phone and get notified when it's their turn.

We make it easy for you - no installation, new hardware or physical queue numbers needed.

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1. Customer takes queue number

Enter queue

The customer scans the QR code to get a queue number.

action 1
action 1

2. Customer is placed in queue

View queue

The customer follows their queue position in real-time.

3. Customer is first in line

Be notified

A notification is sent to the customer when it is their turn.

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A few of our additional features

Customer input

Collect custom input from your customers. For example order number for in-store pickup.

Queue groups

Arrange your queues in groups. The customer scans one QR code and chooses which queue to enter.

Tablet kiosk

Use an in-store tablet and let your customers take manual queue numbers.

Store flow

Flowby is easily managed on any device via a web browser.

All your queues are gathered on the start page. Click on a queue to start working with it.

action 1

Simple to use and leads to increased sales

It is very easy to use - I just press a button! I have also noticed customers browse the store and buy more items.


Sales clerk at Dormy Barkarby

Cost-efficient och modern

A cost-efficient and modern system that is super easy to install and use.


Store owner at ICA Stop Täby

Two separate queues for a good price

Paperbased queue numbers are outdated. I believe in this and it works well! We can have two queues for such a good price, which is great!

Christian Blomberg

Customer Experience & Service Manager at Mediamarkt Västerås

Environmentally friendly and digital

It's environmentally friendly and digital. I like it.


Sales Lead at HiFi klubben Sickla

Super satisfied and improved customer service

We deliver an improved customer service to our customers by using Flowby. The system is simple to implement and both customers and staff are satisfied.


Store Manager at Dormy Barkarby

Digital and improves customer service

We want to be in the forefront in terms of customer service and digitalization, so we choose Flowby!

Johan Höglund

Store Manager at HiFi Klubben Sickla

Increase customer satisfaction

Flowby is very helpful and useful for the customer. It is also convenient, efficient and intuitive. By using it, we increase customer satisfaction.

Blandine Bourgeois

Customer Satisfaction Manager at Decathlon

Flexible and adaptable

A flexible digital queuing system that adapts to our and our customers needs

Emma Larsson

Store Manager at Bonti Odenplan

Saves time

Such a great service! I could walk around and browse in this store and others instead of waiting in line.

Girl, 20-30 years old

Store Customer

Keeping distance

It feels good to be able to wait in line while keeping distance to other people.

Man, 60+ years old

Store Customer

Customer Service

Happy customers

Smoother customer flows lead to happier customers.


Increased sales

Your customers shop more and wait less.


Efficient staff

Improved staff allocation based on historical data.


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